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How to protect your cargo
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Professional Tailored Protection & Packaging Solutions

Established in 1998, DSP has been working with exporters and leader partners worldwide to understand and analyzed their cargo damage problems during transit. Whereby we can develop a new innovated tailored load securement and cargo protection solutions to reduce risk of cargo damages ship in truck, container and intermodal shipments.

Tailored Solutions

We provide tailored solutions which are created and designs solution for all kinds of industries.


With our wide range of packaging products, storage facilities and JIT delivery we provide reliable services.


20 years experiences in the business you can sure our advice solutions based on best practice, quality tests and accurate.

Your Ultimate Solutions For
Cargo Protection
Your Ultimate Solutions For Cargo Protection


Keep Your Image & Reduce Damage Cost

We work closely with our customers to understand their problems and provide solutions to protect their cargo against damage during transit. We strongly invite you to reach us out and learn how our combined capabilities, which can deliver new services, solutions and enhanced value to your supply chain.

Physical Damage

Physical damage is the major cause to cargo claim every year. Our unique dunnage bag and lashing are able to block and brace your cargo against bumps and bruises during transit.

Moisture Damage

Over the course of a voyage your goods are constantly at risk to moisture damage because of condensation. Our unique design container rain blanket, humidity desiccant and absorbent liner makes it the most advanced and complete way to protect your cargo.

Temperature Damage

Extremes of temperature may affect some commodities. Our unique thermal liner ensures your cargo stay safe by using our latest reflective and insulation technology to leave you peace of mind.

Contamination Damage

The wall and floor of containers are a key source of concern when shipping goods. Often it is not possible to find conditions that meet necessary cleanliness standards or condensation can form on the walls leading to cargo damage.

Warehouse Packaging Solutions

Our Products Protect Your Products

Efficient Packaging In The Warehouse

We provide you the right A to Z protection materials to ensure your goods free from damages caused by physical, wet, contamination, heat and infestation during transit. Our materials comprise different components to ensure whatever goods you ship around the world are safe, whether you ship by Air, Sea, Rail and on Road with peace of mind.

Internal Transfer Solutions

Corrosion Protection Solutions

Cargo Wrapping Solutions

Pallet Handling Solutions

Boxes Packaging Solutions

Industrial Packaging Solutions

Why Choose DSP Packaging?

Competitive Pricing


Our plant uses latest technology and automation machine, whereby we can provide highly competitive pricing to lowers your costs.

Fast JIT Delivery


We have our own trucks to service you with Just-In-Time delivery whenever you need it.



Don’t worry about “Minimum Order Quantity”. We can deliver any of the quantities accrodingly to your requirement.

One Stop Solutions

one stop solutions

With over 100 warehouse products, you will get what you need.

Professional Guidance


Not only we provide you with the right products, our specialists will provide you an optimum system to secure and protect your cargo during transit.

Ready Stocks

no stockout

We do have 5 branches warehouse to keep your inventory don’t worry about shortage of stocks. Our warehouse located at Northern Region, Central Region and Southern Region Malaysia.

Your Cargo
Securing Consultants
“The Cargo Protection People”
Your Cargo
Securing Consultants
“The Cargo Protection People”

Free Consultation/ Demonstration

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We provide Free Consultation and Demonstration for your cargo damage prevention system. You can call our friendly customer product specialist Mr. Thong Hang @ +6012-4180233 or email: enquiry@dspindustry.com

Training Workshop


We will provide free training to your Person-In-Charge at warehouse until they are fully familiar with the system and proper setup. We will monitor it now and then to assure your cargo is properly secure for all your shipment.

Trial Shipment


We will work together with your warehouse personnel to set up your trial shipment for your cargo damage prevention system before you fully implement the system to your supply chain.

Factory Direct


For your supply chain demands, for worldwide service, we would put you in contact with our worldwide partners to improve efficient service and cost reduction.

Intensive Care Hotline


In case of any urgent / important issue, call our Hotline Mr. Thong Hang @ +6012-4180233 for an immediate answer.

Load Securement Manpower Assist


If you lack of manpower to set up your load securement shipment, call our Intensive Care Hotline for help.