Contamination Damage

Contamination Damage

The walls and floor of containers are a key source of concern when shipping goods. Often it is not possible to find conditions that meet necessary cleanliness standards. Our unique absorbent liner protects against contamination will remove your worries.

Contamination Damage

Your cargo inside the container is highly susceptible to contamination due to odors, vapor, rust, pest …etc. from previously shipped merchandise. Our unique shipping container odor remover and absorbent liner are able to remove all types of odors, sweat and prevent contamination to touch with your shipping products.

SOLUTIONS: Absorbent Liner & Container odor remover

Absorbent Liner is a lightweight comprehensive container lining that had absorptive materials with a mold-inhibitor to protects cargo against contamination inside container.

Things like Bad Smells, Bacteria, Fungus, Invasive insects and chemical contaminants might have been inside the used shipping container. Your cargo might get contaminated and rejected by your buyer. Therefore, Odor Remover is a necessity for every exporter. Check out our unique Odor Remover and Absorber Liner for more information.