Internal Transfer Solutions

Internal Transfer Solutions

An Innovative Packaging Solution for Stabilizing Pallet Loads.

Cargo Slippage

SOLUTIONS: anti-slip paper

DSP Both Sides Anti-Slip Paper is the best professional coated sheet that can stabilize your cargo on pallet during internal conveying, storage and transport of your merchandise. It prevents slippage, ensures cohesion of your pallet to secure and optimize the packaging of your products whereby reducing product damage and accidents.

DSP Industry is a proud supplier of pallet slip sheets in Malaysia. Slip sheets replace wooden pallets to save storage space. Pallet slip sheets are changing the way we ship our products. Hence, they’re designed to eliminate the usage of conventional pallets. So, this method of transportation has a win-win effect.

Applicable In Various Palletize Mode

Drum / Tin

Bulk Bag

Paper / Plastic Bags