Moisture Damage

Moisture Damage

Over the course of a voyage your goods are constantly at risk to moisture damage because of condensation. Our unique design container rain blanket, humidity desiccant and absorbent pads makes it the most advanced and complete way to protect your cargo.

Container Rain Condensation

When cargo is transported by ship, temperature fluctuates leading to condensation. The water that drips into the cargo damage the goods.

Solutions: For Moisture Damage

Container Blanket

The Container Blanket create an absorbent shield that hang above or place on top of cargo to absorb water dripping from the ceiling and turn it to gel whereby keeping your goods dry underneath.

Container Desiccant

Our Container Calcium Chloride Desiccant are made up with high tech breathable fabric that are able to absorb up to 400% humidity and hold the water particle as gel, whereby you are able to use fewer units per container and saving in storage and labor hours.

Absorbent Liner

The Absorbent Liner also features excellent water absorption, retention and protection abilities which are ideal for container wall to replace single facer / kraft liner.