Pallet Handling Solutions

Pallet Handling Solutions

Our product specialist would be able to advice you the right type of pallets to suit your cargo packing. Thus, it able to reduce cost and provide a more stability for your cargo.

Presswood Pallet

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Presswood Pallet is a comprise wood fibre and manufacture under hot compression molding process under a high pressure and temperature. It is a processed wood and complies with ISPM 15 Worldwide. We have a wide range of sizes. Enquiry is most welcome.

Wooden Pallet

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Wooden Pallet is made from mixed hardwood, they can be heat treated or fumigated with chop and certificate for export. We can customize according to your requirement. Enquiry is most welcome.

Others Pallets We Do Offer:

Plastic Pallet

Paper Pallet

Steel Pallet

Pallet Slip Sheet

DSP Industry is a proud pallet slip sheet supplier Malaysia. Slip sheet replace wooden pallet to save storage space. Pallet slip sheet are changing the way we ship our products. Hence, they’re designed to eliminate the usage of conventional pallets. So, this method of transportation has a win-win situation.

1. What are Pallet Slip Sheets?

Pallet slip sheets are essentially slip sheets made of plastic, heavy paperboard or corrugated solid fiber that are thin and pallet-shaped. They are a type of packaging material commonly used in the commercial shipping industry. These pallet slip sheets are used alongside forklift accessories for handling materials. There are multiple advantages of utilizing pallet slip sheets, such as: -

  • To ensure maximum space utilization for the material handling process
  • To reduce the number of injuries
  • To improve cleanliness in workspace

2. How Do You Choose a Pallets Supplier?

One of the most important factors that you should always consider when choosing a pallets supplier is that they should have quality pallet slip sheets. Whether you’re buying new, remanufactured or even old pallet slip sheets, you should know that not all pallets are the same. The grading system for pallet slip sheets may vary from one another depending on your suppliers. Your pallets supplier should provide you with the highest quality grade A pallet that fits your needs.

Furthermore, your pallets slip sheets supplier should have an excellent delivery rate. Check if their on-time delivery rate is exactly what it sounded like, such as if the delivery truck shows up when it’s supposed to. Your pallets slip supplier should meet your every business need, which is why you should always go for a full service pallet slip sheets supplier like DSP Industry Sdn Bhd.