Physical Damage

Physical Damage

Physical damage is the major cause to cargo claim every year. Our unique dunnage bag and lashing are able to block and brace your cargo against bumps and bruises during transit.

Cargo Topple

Physical damage is because of unproper setup of the stability devices and gaps inside closed container where load may move or shift on within or fall during transit.


Dunnage air bag offer unparalleled performance in securing loads during transportation, as they accurately fill void spaces, therefore reducing the risk of damage. These lightweight, heavy-duty woven polypropylene air bags are resistant against punctures, moisture and will ‘mould’ around the product, providing a tremendous load force to ensure secure and hassle-free haulage.

DSP Industry is your trusted supplier for dunnage air bag in Malaysia. Our dunnage air bag ensure your pallet loads are fully protected during transit with our cost-effective fast filling dunnage bags, which can easily be deflated and reused.

Dunnage Bags

Our Dunnage Bags are an ideal solution to prevent load shifting which is one of the main causes of cargo damage during transportation. Our Air Bags are certified by ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN RAILROADS (AAR) and covered by a LIABILITY INSURANCE against product damages.


Our Composite Strapping are made up of high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating. It is the strongest strapping systems to secure fit your cargo inside the shipping container.