Temperature Damage

Temperature Damage

Extremes of temperature may affect some commodities. Our unique thermal liner ensures your cargo stay safe by using our latest reflective and insulation technology to leave you peace of mind.

Problems: Without Insulation Protection

During transportation for those temperature-sensitive products like soya bean, rice, maize, coco, oats and pharmaceutical products. Extremely high temperature during the daytime might go up to 90 degree celsius and damage or deteriorate the cargo inside the container.

SOLUTIONS: With Thermal Insulation Liner

SOLUTIONS: With Thermal Liner

Our Thermal Liner uses the highest quality Aluminum lining, it reflects up to 97% thermal radiation and insulation with its 5-sided surround protection, whereby reduce and stabilizing the temperature inside the container throughout the shipping period.

Thermal Insulator

Thermal Insulator is a line of products designed to improve insulation for shipping containers, including insulated blankets, insulated pallet covers and container insulation liners. Thermal Insulation Blanket is a container insulation solution that can be placed directly on top of the cargo to prevent heat damage. Thermal Insulation Liner can be affixed along the walls of your shipping container in order to insulate cargo from extreme heat outside temperatures. Thermal Pallet Covers are designed to wrap around palletized cargo and ensure quality of goods in transit.