Industrial Packaging Solutions

Industrial Packaging Solutions

We provide all types of packaging materials and products for your industrial needs. YOU NAME IT, WE HAVE IT.

New Generation of Wrapping Film

Coreless Stretch Film

Our latest coreless stretch film is lighter and save cost on unnecessary core, keeping our environmentally friendly.

Breathable Stretch Film

Our breathable stretch film is ultra-strong, that allows heat, moisture and off-gas release while stabilizing your products with a superior holding force thus avoiding condensation damage to your products.

Others Packaging Products


Strapping bands have played a main role for protect cargo to absorb shocks, impacts especially during transportations and handling. Consult us to get the safest and reliable strapping method to lower your operation cost.


We offer a wide range of industrial bags that provide easy handling and ensure protection of the goods inside for all sectors.


We have wide range of paper packaging products such as edge protector, layer pad, single facer, jumbo box, honeycomb and etc. We able to customize based on your packing requirements. Call us for more details.


Foam-In-Bag is an innovative protection material that minimizes the amount of packaging used without compromising the protection of shipped goods. It is inert and safe in a landfill, comply with RoHS and CONEG regulations.


FIBC bags comprise polypropylene with woven, we can customizable the bags to accommodate your specific handling, transportation and storage purposes. Call our customer service department for more details. Thus, hand bags are available upon request.

Void Fill Air Pillow Mini Machine

This powerful air pillow mini machine can produce pillows and bubbles in various sizes and thickness to suit your packaging need. Consult our customer care center for a FREE MACHINE PACKAGE especially designed for you.

Container Netting

Container Netting

Fall prevention nets for container loading, designed to hold back the accidental fall of the load. To be positioned inside the container on the door to stop the possible fall of the load when the doors are opened.

Silica Gel

Silica Gel

Silica gel mainly used for drying and moisture proof, may also be used as catalyst carriers, absorbents, separators, variable-pressure adsorbents and etc. It can be make into small pack, used as silica gel drier for the packing of precision instruments, leathers, shoes, clothes, foodstuffs, medicines, household electric appliances and etc.